Tuesday, April 27, 2010

One Year Celebrations

A lot has happened since our last post! Tis' the season for birthdays in our family...Tilly's birthday was on February 18th and she turned *% (let's just say that she can get discounts now), Logan turned 1 on February 25th, Samuel turned 8 on March 30th, and Brittney turned 29 on April 15th! Logan was definitely partied-out after all of her celebrations. She had her first party in Nashville with Ward, Tilly, Uncle Cole, Aunt Audie, and Uncle Samuel. Then we went to Birmingham to celebrate with Cousin Preston, who was born 5 days before Logan, and the rest of Brittney's family. Logan got some great presents, had her first birthday cake, and spent some cherished time with family. We also got to celebrate Samuel's first birthday on March 30th. He invited his class to his party for some pizza, cake, basketball, and dodgeball. We forgot how much fun dodgeball could be!

Reflecting back on the past year, we realize how blessed we truly are! God has certainly enriched our lives with the new additions to our family during the past year...and we have more reasons to celebrate in the near future...April 29th marks the one year anniversary of Samuel coming home to live with Ward and Tilly and Cole and Audra celebrate their one-year anniversary on May 2nd!

Happy First Birthday!!! I loved my first cupcake!

Uncle Samuel helped me open my presents!

She must take after her dad...sitting in our favorite chairs with a drink and showing-off our big bellies!

Partying with Preston...Thanks to Aunt Lindsey for making our cute birthday outfits.

Whatchoo lookin' at?

Cake Smash

Can we do this for every meal?

My first Easter Egg Hunt. Uncle Samuel helped me out, so I got a lot of eggs!

The Easter Bunny stopped by

Clowning-around with Uncle Samuel

One Year Pictures

Logan's great-aunt Karen (wow, doesn't that make you sound really old Karen?) made her one-year pictures a couple weeks ago. It was so nice to finally get some great weather! Logan was a trooper and was in a good mood most of the shoot. Karen's pictures turned out fabulous and we couldn't be happier! She is a very talented photographer and we thank you Karen for your time! We also have a link to her website above if anyone is interested. Here's a sneak-peak of some of Mom and Dad's favorites, but feel free to see them all at the link below (password is logan):


Sunday, January 31, 2010

White Out

Well the forecasts were actually right for a change and we got dumped-on! Mommy is particularly excited because she's probably going to get a couple days off from work. We are enjoying being holed-up in our house (at least for now) and spending time together as a family. Aunt Caryn got to come over for the weekend too! Logan doesn't quite know what to think of the snow right now. We bundled her up and took her out in the snow for a few minutes yesterday. She didn't fuss, but you could tell she was kind of confused.

I guess after spending so much time in the house, Logan decided she actually wanted to try and walk behind her new push toys that she got for Christmas. Until yesterday she just punched the buttons and stared at them! I guess it won't be too long before she's walking on her own...my how time flies!

Our house covered in snow!

All bundled up! What are ya'll doing to me?

Mommy, Daddy, and Logan

Mommy and Logan

Aunt Caryn snuggling with Logan...it's cold!

Logan eating snow...at least it's not yellow

Logan using her push toys...sorry for the bad quality (it's a cell phone video)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Holidays

The holidays have come and gone so fast and it was such a blessing to spend our first Thanksgiving and Christmas with Logan! Of course she had no clue what was going on but she was a trooper and had no trouble picking up the family traditions...bowling, eating (a lot), shopping, watching lots of football, and of course watching pretty much every Christmas movie ever made...Home Alone, Home Alone II (we do not acknowledge Home Alone III much like we don't acknowledge Karate Kid III as being part of the trilogies), Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation, Polar Express, and Charlie Brown's Christmas just to name a few. We spent Thanksgiving in Nashville and then went to Birmingham for Christmas. Logan was a natural at opening her presents but was more interested in playing with/eating the wrapper and bow instead of the toys. Logan was blessed with lots of presents from Ward, Tilly, Gigi, Grumpy, and all her aunts and uncles.She also had a great time playing with her cousins!

Logan will be 11 months on the 25th...my how time flies! She's learning new tricks everyday and it's so fun to just watch her in action. She's crawling everywhere now, saying ma-ma and da-da (although she has no idea what it means), eating new foods, and her new favorite...clapping for herself after she takes a bite to eat. I guess our next post will be after her 1st birthday party!!!

Gearing-up for Christmas with our antlers

Opening presents at Aunt Cayce's and Uncle Jason's house

Lookout, I got my first purse complete w/ cell phone, lipstick and debit card!

Opening presents on Christmas Eve

Logan and Silly Uncle Samuel had a blast opening their presents. Samuel woke-up Ward and Tilly at 4:15am on Christmas morning to see what Papa Noel brought him! We are so blessed to have them both in our lives.

Wow, my first car!

Mommy, Daddy, and Logan

Having fun with cousins Jack, Tyler, and Preston

Mommy and Logan wearing their Crimson Tide gear to church after the big win!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cutie (Pumpkin) Pie

Yes, I know it's been over three weeks since Halloween, but it's never too late to post cute Halloween pictures! Logan got invited to her first Halloween party at Hollis' house on the day before Halloween. She decided to dress-up as a bunny rabbit...and might I add one of the cutest bunnies I've ever seen. All of the kids were adorable and Logan had so much fun playing dress-up with her friends! Then Logan decided she wanted to be a pumpkin on Halloween day. Logan didn't trick-or-treat but she had fun playing all day with Samuel and helped hand out candy, so by the end of the day she was worn out!

Logan is growing fast and furious every day. She's talking more, eating more, sleeping more (thank God), and starting to get a lot of hair...she has developed Bama Bangs and sports a cute little curl on the right side of her head. She also just got over her second ear infection and a bad case of runny nose with lots of boogers! So now we're gearing up for our first holiday season and we can't wait. I'm sure Santa Tilly and Santa Gigi will bring lots of fun presents!

Logan the bunny reading a book with Mason the strawberry and Anna Kate the duck

Logan and Mommy...Daddy loves this picture

Cutie (Pumpkin) Pie

Dressing-up is hard work!

"Superman" Samuel...doesn't he look excited?
Samuel doesn't much care for pictures
(unless it's with Logan...then he'll smile big!)

A big smile for the camera...look at all my hair!

Logan and Uncle Samuel are becoming the best of friends

A recent family picture

Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's Been A While...

Okay, it's been exactly three months and three days since our last blog post, so I thought it might be about time for a quick update. Logan will be seven months old this week...mom and dad can't believe how fast it has flown by! We are so thankful to have our little angel in our lives. She is truly a perfect gift from God above!

Now to bring you all up to speed...Logan is 21 pounds, 8 ounces (98th percentile) and 28 1/2 inches (98th percentile), so it's safe to say Logan is a BIG (='s healthy) girl. Mom and Dad love chubby babies, so we wouldn't have it any other way! She is rolling over, sitting up, smiles at everyone and everything, making new noises all the time, loves bath-time, and "almost" sleeping all night long. Logan also just got over her first illness (a right-ear infection). Hopefully we won't have too many of these! She's also starting to learn to cheer on the Crimson Tide with Mommy...much to Dad's chagrin! It really has been an awesome seven months and we can't wait to cherish the future moments with her. We'll try not to go so long between our next post!

My first feeding a few months ago...I'm REALLY good at eating now!

More playtime with Cousin Preston

Look at my Crimson Tide dress! It's the same one Mommy wore when she was little.

Another Big Smile!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pool Time

Mom took Logan on her first trip to the pool a couple of weeks ago. The first pool trip didn't go too well...Logan's bathing suit was a bit snug and she was a little tired and fussy. But Mom and Logan still had fun with all their friends! The next weekend we all made the trip to Birmingham to see Gigi and Grumpy, Aunt Cayce, Uncle Jason, Aunt Lindsey, Crazy Uncle Brad, and cousin Preston. We also decided to give the neighborhood pool a try. Logan did awesome and I must admit, she looks darn cute in her new bathing suit, hat, and sunglasses. She sat peacefully in her new float for a good while, and then it was nap time! We also got some good playtime in with cousin Preston. They don't quite know what to think of each other yet, but they'll be good pals before you know it! As you can see from the video, Logan makes Preston a little jumpy! We all got a good laugh out of it.

My first pool trip...my bathing suit is a little snug and I'm fussy!

My Second Pool Trip

This pool thing is hard work!

Playtime with Preston...Preston hogged all my toys!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Three Month Update

It seems like it took forever, but Logan finally has her harness off! Praise God for his healing power and a huge thank you to all who prayed for her! We took Logan to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital last week for an ultrasound on her hips to check that they were growing into the hip socket correctly. Dr. Christopherson told us that her hips look great and she'll never have to wear the harness again!!! Although I don't think the harness ever bothered her, it seems like she is much more comfortable now that she can freely mover her chubby little legs around. She LOVES to sit and kick her legs, and I must say it is quite entertaining to sit and watch her do this.

It is hard to believe that she is already 3 months old! As you can tell from the pictures she is getting chubby! Which is so cute...I love the fat rolls! Logan is becoming more and more attentive every day. There is something so calming and reassuring about your own child smiling at you every morning when you walk in...it's definitely one of God's little blessings that I will never take for granted! As you can tell from the many pictures, we like it when she smiles! She is also starting to learn to sit up in her bebe pod (although very wobbly), make new noises, and one of her favorites...trying to fit her entire hand in her mouth.

Sweet Dreams!

Look at me sitting up like a big girl!

Look at me kick those legs!