Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cutie (Pumpkin) Pie

Yes, I know it's been over three weeks since Halloween, but it's never too late to post cute Halloween pictures! Logan got invited to her first Halloween party at Hollis' house on the day before Halloween. She decided to dress-up as a bunny rabbit...and might I add one of the cutest bunnies I've ever seen. All of the kids were adorable and Logan had so much fun playing dress-up with her friends! Then Logan decided she wanted to be a pumpkin on Halloween day. Logan didn't trick-or-treat but she had fun playing all day with Samuel and helped hand out candy, so by the end of the day she was worn out!

Logan is growing fast and furious every day. She's talking more, eating more, sleeping more (thank God), and starting to get a lot of hair...she has developed Bama Bangs and sports a cute little curl on the right side of her head. She also just got over her second ear infection and a bad case of runny nose with lots of boogers! So now we're gearing up for our first holiday season and we can't wait. I'm sure Santa Tilly and Santa Gigi will bring lots of fun presents!

Logan the bunny reading a book with Mason the strawberry and Anna Kate the duck

Logan and Mommy...Daddy loves this picture

Cutie (Pumpkin) Pie

Dressing-up is hard work!

"Superman" Samuel...doesn't he look excited?
Samuel doesn't much care for pictures
(unless it's with Logan...then he'll smile big!)

A big smile for the camera...look at all my hair!

Logan and Uncle Samuel are becoming the best of friends

A recent family picture